1. Give an overview of the Hem

1. Give an overview of the Hematology laboratory in hospitals. Include information about the different sections and its importance in the lab: accessioning station, manual cell counting/ differentials (diff count, wbc & rbc morphology,platelets), DXH 800 for differentials, coagulation/ specials tests done(ex: factor VIII), proper ways in preparing slides to read for differentials, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate testing, occult blood testing, and reticulocyte counting.2. Provide a description of the tests that are performed in the laboratory. Indicate the expected normal range values for each test when possible. Indicate what medical conditions would be suspected when values are abnormal (high and low).3. For the tests routinely performed indicate the sensitivity and specificity for each and factors that affect the appropriate test method selection.4. Indicate all quality control methods that must be considered with respect to sample processing and reagents.5. Using the website http://www.nih.gov/od/ors/ds/pubs/bmbl/contents.htm or any other that you can identify, indicate some of the safety considerations necessary for the laboratory rotation.6. Identify the sound laboratory operations required for this rotation.

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