1. Introduction: I will be teaching t

1. Introduction: I will be teaching this lesson to a group of second graders at my church. Are classroom is on the upstairs level and, I will also be utilizing the outside area that is directly behind of my church. There are about thirty second graders in my classroom. So, it is a really busy class. But, they are a whole lot of fun to work with. And, they seem to respond to me well. We will be talking about II Cor. 4:7-18. I think that this lesson will be very interesting to first and second graders. It will help them to better understand the gift of salvation. 2. Outline: I. Opening Focus A. Make small clay pinch pots B. Ask the children questions C. Show large pot II. Saul (Acts : 9) A. Sauls threats B. Jesus speaking to Saul 1. why do you persecute me? 2. go to the city C. Sauls blindness 1. blind for three days 2. Saul meets Ananias 3. Saul is healed spiritually and physically D. Sauls Discipleship 1. the other disciples did not believe Paul 2. Barnabas tells of Sauls healing 3. Paul is accepted III. Paul (Acts 13:9) A. Asked of God B. Prison 1. wrote letters 2. rejoiced C. Pauls letter to Corinth (2 Cor. 4:1-18) 1. Corinths problems 2. Corinths disbelief 3. Jars of Clay (2 Cor. 4:7) a. kept treasures in them b. fragil 4. Christians as Jars of Clay a. hard pressed b. struck down by others c. treasures of heaven inside (2 Cor. 4:18) 3-5 External Content, Internal Content, and Application: Opening focus: As my opening focus I am going to take the children outside to make clay pots. I will teach them to make a simple pinch pot. While the children are pinching their pots I will ask them questions (Where in the Bible do we learn about clay pots? What are some of the things that you can do with a clay pot? Do you all have any clay pots at y…

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