1. Success as a Web Search Engine a. Why wa

1. Success as a Web Search Engine a. Why was Yahoo! such an early success on the Web? Yahoo was an early success due to a combination of factors such as timing, hard work, and a good understanding of Web surfers tastes and needs.. In early 1995, Net mania was just flowering. It was a great time to be a young entrepreneur with an Internet idea. Dave Faldo and Jerry Yang saw a consumer need for classifying and differentiating web sights. Resting the urge to automate this process, Yahoos founders instead chose to manually perform this search, reviewing and classifying roughly 1000 sights a day. This approach combined with their decision to offer a free service lead to early success. b. Why was Yahoo! more successful as a search engine than other, more technically superior search engines? Yahoo!s search engine was designed to be both reliable and streamlined. The design was simple so it would pop up quickly. Its focus was on quality, not quantity. Yangs comment that if you have 13 Madonna sights, you probably dont need a 14th rings true. Surfers choosing Yahoo! not only were provided reliable information, but they were not bombarded with 1000 sights to review. Additionally, Yahoo! provided a product that was appealing and fun to use. c. Why is the fact that Yahoo! spends money on people, not computers, one of the keys to their success? Yahoo!s founders business plan was to manually categorize existing web sights and provide a succinct list of quality sights to choose from. This human-created directory was all that distinguished Yahoo! from its competitors as Net euphoria swept the stock market in early 1996. Other search engines were throwing any sight that met the search requirements at the user. Yahoo!s concept saved the browser the time they would otherwise spend filtering out the garbage to find these quality sights. 2. Building a Web Sight and the Brand a. Do you…

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