1920, this year should ring a bell in everybodys

1920, this year should ring a bell in everybodys mind. Especially in the minds of over 50% of this class. 1920 is the year that women earned the right to vote. After 75 years of struggles, fighting, defeats pain & tears Susan B. Anthony and her followers accomplished their biggest goal by persuading the U.S. Government to give women the right to vote. Then 35 yrs ago in 1965 the federal government adopted the voting Rights act to ensure access for all citizens to the ballot. Now in todays society, we take for granted the passion that many people gave to fight for our right to vote. I am here to tell you why you as an American should vote. 2 weeks ago, our nation participated in a ritual that only takes place once every 4 yrs. Some of us went to the polls and voted for the next leader of our country, the President and Vice President of the United States. Now, here we are 2 weeks, later and we still dont know who our next president will be. There are many different ideas and opinions circulating around of why this country is in such turmoil over the election. In the Miami Herald on Tuesday November 14, George Meyers suggested that not enough people voted; therefore the #s were too close for comfort. After listening to many people discuss the issues at hand I realized that nearly 50% of the people who were complaining about the drawn out voting process were non-voters These non voters, focusing on our age group give two primary reasons on why they dont vote. One is that young people are just not interested in politics and the other is that our voted does not matter. However, both of these arguments re invalid. Sure there are many young people who Have no idea of politics and &can be easily influenced and there are others who didnt even know who the candidates were. It is hard to say whether or not these people are just lazy or if they really dont care. On the other hand there are many young people who tak…

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