401(k) asset allocation and fund selection

(18 points) 401(k) Asset Allocation and Fund Selection(2 points) Complete the questionnaire at HYPERLINK ?http://finance.yahoo.com/calculator/retirement/inv01/?http://finance.yahoo.com/calculator/retirement/inv01/, click on submit, scroll down to view your result,select the pdf report, print it and attach your results to the back of this assignment.(2 points) Answer the questions in the Asset Allocation Questionnaire located in the Assignments folder onAngel (questionnaire input sheet is first tab in Excel workbook and investment choices for question 8 are inthe second tab). Once you complete the questionnaire, your recommended asset allocation can be found on thethird tab. Print out your results from the third tab and attach them to the back of this assignment.(8 points) Using your results from both questionnaires combined with your class notes and readings in theAssignments folder on Angel, come up with an asset allocation for your hypothetical 401(k) that you feel bestfits your risk and return profile. Your final product will have asset categories (i.e., stocks, bonds or cash)and sectors where appropriate (e.g., US large cap growth) along with a % allocation to each (must add up to100%).Once you have determined your asset allocation, go to Vanguard?s website HYPERLINK?https://personal.vanguard.com/us/funds/vanguard/all?sort=name&sortorder=asc?https://personal.vanguard.com/us/funds/vanguard/all?sort=name&sortorder=asc and research mutual funds to put in the asset categories andsectors when appropriate. You will get the most fund choices if you check the closed funds box (they areeligible for this assignment) and only the $1000 and $3000 boxes in the search area on the left side beforeyou do your search. You can also search by specific asset class, management and risk.Feel free to select any fund you want in each asset category and sector. You may also want to put more thanone fund in an asset category. US stocks will most likely have sector allocations (e.g., small cap value) andyou can divide international stocks into developed and emerging if you like. For bonds you might considerincluding more than one sector, e.g., high yield, inflation protected securities (TIPS), investment grade,Treasury or GNMA?s as well as making a call on duration (short, intermediate, long term). Unfortunately,Vanguard doesn?t have an international bond fund, so for this assignment just combine that allocation withyour US bond allocation.Explain why you chose the asset allocation and Vanguard funds in part c.Many 401(k) plans offer participants the option to put some or all of their money in a Target Retirement fundwhich does the asset allocation for you. Select a Vanguard Target Retirement fund based on your expectedretirement year and compare its asset allocation to the one you created in question c. How are they different?!

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