4th Amendment & Stop & Frisk Procedures

4th Amendment & Stop & Frisk ProceduresPaper instructions:Section I: Executive Summary Provide a summary overview of your paper.Section II: Actual Wording/Originating Circumstances? Identify the year in which the 4th Amendment became a ratified part of the Constitution of the United States. Identify the manner in which the provision was ratified.? Present the verbatim text of the 4th Amendment, appropriately cited and set off as a separate, highlighted passage or, in the case of lengthier provisions, an indented paragraph. Follow this up with a discussion of the common, general understanding of the provision (e.g. search and seizure).? Finally, discuss the originating circumstances that led to the 4th Amendment being added to the Constitution centered on inadequacies of the Constitution as framed initially in 1787. Focus here on the circumstances that were seen as important by those who crafted the 4th Amendment and the arguments, pro and con, at the time relative to its inclusion.Section III: Analysis? Connects to the Constitutional Amendment to Stop & Frisk procedures.? Lay out the basic facts surrounding Stop & Frisk procedures. What events have taken place in recent years to elevate the profile of this issue? These events may include court cases, new laws being passed or action-forcing events such as the Sandy Hook school shooting. Paint a picture for the reader that lays out these events and explains their interconnections in bringing the issue to where it is today.? Identify a major constitutional question relating to the 4th amendment that has been highlighted as part of the debate over this issue. Note any other constitutional provisions implicated in the controversies surrounding your provision, as well as any other major questions tied directly to your provision. As of right now, to what degree has your identified constitutional question been resolved and how? Resolved, unresolved or in process, how has the conduct of public administration been impacted as a result? What near-term (5-10 years) changes in the conduct of public administration may be expected as a result of how this issue seems to be playing out?!

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