A Brief History of Early Animation 1890 -1950

A Brief history of early animation 1890 1950 While experiments in creating moving images can be traced back to 180BCE it until the late that animation was truly realised through the advance of technology and creativity of the early pioneers such as Stuart Blackton and Emile Driven by a desire to capture many artists tried their hand at animation once the technology and up until the 1940s new and improved techniques for animation were being created every rise in popularity with the people and the advancement in techniques and technology culminated in a in the where animation became a commercial and social Investigating this initial forty years of animation it is possible to witness the effects of not only technology on a growing but how social and commercial aspects came to for better or this industry towards its ultimate high early foray into playing moving images for a crowd was achieved with the Created by a French inventor who designed the device and subsequently played short animations daily for delighted audiences at the Theatre Optique from the year 1892 in the Musee Grevin of Using a form of perforated along with hand painted images these were a forerunner to the

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