A Case Against the Legalization of Marijuana

A Case Against the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use Simon Clark Composition II February 2012 A Case Against the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Use The legalization of marijuana for medical use is a growing topic of debate between medical institutions and the federal and state governments within the United many prominent medical institutions remain divided in their position regarding the legalization of marijuana for medical there is a division between the United States federal and state governments regarding the legalization of Many state governments advocate for the legalization of while the federal government maintains that marijuana is unsafe and should remain this diversion of opinion is illustrated in the conflicting research studies performed to support or negate the continued illegalization of marijuana for medical With this division amongst researchers and medical and the strong evidentiary support to show marijuana poses the threat of significant adverse short and long term adverse effects for its increases the risks of dependency and addiction and increases safety risk for marijuana should not be legalized for medical Marijuana whether medical or can produce both and severe adverse effects for its therefore should not be prescribed for medical marijuana use is bad for pulmonary

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