A Concise Biography of the Prophet Muhammad

A Concise Biography of the Prophet Muhammad In an epoch of widespread cultural dilapidation and there arose from the sandy wastes of Arabia a community of men and women who bore the banner of a nascent religion that would go on to inspire an efflorescence in the very fields which are the peak expressions of amongst which are to be numbered philosophy and As the Well of Zamzam gushes forth from below the barren landscape upon which Mecca linking the ummah of today with that of centuries hence in the common nourishment they have derived from it and thereby serving as a most fitting symbol for the spontaneous surge of grace that has its source in Allah so did the revivifying message of the Prophet Muhammad burst forth no less miraculously onto the scene from depths no less fathomless than Allah Though domiciling upon and making a living from what the light of the Sun reveals to us through our faculty of it is urged upon the Muslim to cultivate in him or herself a ceaseless cognizance of the unitary transcendental wellspring from which the seen has proceeded and which alone provides the nourishment for which he or she as

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