A man can say a lot through his face. For the

A man can say a lot through his face. For the human race, facial expressions are perhaps the most expressive and universal communication we can use. One does not usually notice the facial expressions of animals, but there is a look. A look you notice in the eyes of two alley cats as they fight over the most generous trash cans. And the look that flashes across the face of the buck just as it turns its head and its eyes focus on the pursuer, to be pursued no more. I would imagine this same look on the face of Frederick Douglas as he lived in a strange nation within his own country, and was the constant prey of many. The panic and hopelessness of the hunted animal belonged to Douglas during his time in the free states, these feelings become apparent through his use of similes and the frantic pace and punctuation of his essay. Douglass first mention of pursuit was a positive one. Although helpless and pursued by pirates, he felt as though he had a savior, a friendly man of war. He was speaking of his initial escape into freedom, when it was still the moment of highest excitement [he] ever experienced. The second allusion to the hunt was a direct one. Douglas expresses his anxieties over the danger of being taken back into slavery. He exclaims that he was in constant fear of money-loving kidnappers whom he directly compares to the ferocious beasts of the forest waiting for their prey. The direct mention of Douglas as prey coupled with the animal nature of his pursuers makes the animal allusion more apparent. Douglas again mentions himself as prey when he describes his surroundings as a hunting ground for slave-holders. He mentions that he is in constant fear of being seized upon as (note the animal reference) the hideous crocodile seizes upon his prey. By now the primal look of fear has asserted itself on his face and in his minds, but he clenches it by telling us to i…

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