A New Economic View of American History

A New Economic View of American HistoryA New Economic View of American History: From Colonial Times to 1940, Second Edition. Jeremy Atack Peter PassellAnswer each of the following questions with a well-written essay. Your grade is based on writing clarity, recall of historical facts, correct application of economic concepts where applicable, and overall structure. You may use any non-human resources to assist your research. Using additional sources is encouraged, and any sources should be cited in the text and in a short bibliography at the end of each essay. The exact format of the bibliography is not as critical as simply having one that allows me to look at your sources if I have any questions (i.e. use any standard format you may have used before).Question1. Discuss the following assertion: ?Monetary policy (such as it was) and the banking environment was such a mess during the antebellum period that by all appearances it should have been a drag on economic growth. Yet this seems not to have been the case.? In your answer you should discuss the important events and institutions of the era.Question 2. Discuss the issues surrounding internal improvements during the antebellum (pre-Civil War) era. Why do issues of roads, waterways, and other transportation infrastructure often cause controversy? How does transportation infrastructure continue to present an issue to this day?Question 3. One reason the early United States was able to grow so quickly was the (nearly) free availability of land. It was not really free, of course, as the opportunity costs were significant. Discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by a wide-open frontier. What role did prices play in allocating resources between regions? Was the U.S. economy in equilibrium? What challenges face economic historians in trying to explain development on the frontier?Note:? The expectation would be at least 2 pages per question. Use of outside sources is encouraged, and your sources should be cited in a bibliography.? please use simple sentences and words.!

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