A Philosophy of a Social Studies Education

A Philosophy of a Social Studies Education Kyle Miami University In consideration of every field in education I believe that there is none more impactful than that of a social studies class at an adolescent Whereas other disciplines can also challenge students to think critically and in creative a social studies course has the unique opportunity to teach content in a way fundamentally essential to the progression of If the next generation is to uphold equality as the standard for human rights and democracy as its respective form of then it is positively critical that it learns to do so not through citizenship but through a less guided and approach in reflective I see a clear connection between reflective inquiry and historical both require approaching new knowledge with an open the ability to create an individual or cooperative and when in a democracy to share this newly acquired knowledge to further stimulate the minds of It is precisely through a social studies education given engaging high expectations for and everyday students will learn how to build upon their knowledge in their own This love for learning can last a but what is truly exceptional is how forever long an open

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