A Positive Perspective on Prison Education

A Positive Perspective on Prison Education Prison Education Many people would agree that continuing an education is key to surviving in education is very vital for every individual to regardless of how or where they obtain Even though people believe that education is many people disagree with education being taught in Prison education is providing inmates with an opportunity to enhance their They are offered general education courses needed to attain a and courses they need for a higher Many of the inmates are high school dropouts or have an eighth grade education or they need to receive an For that by educating prisoners it provides an opportunity for them to learn how to become better readers and expand their As stated by James Vacca in his article Educated Prisoners are Less Likely to Return to reasons for dropping out of school included a greater rate of grade school poor and poor Inmates also experienced less time in extracurricular activities and very little time with a school counselor during their time in For many people to succeed they have to be motivated always hard to stay focused when so many obstacles are put in front of Education can reinforce goals

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