A review of the effectiveness of ?The Job Outlook for the College Class of

A review of the effectiveness of ?The Job Outlook for the College Class of 2013?Project descriptionTechnical document as a modified field report (Fig. 17.3, p. 472). Markel (2012) states that field reports ?describ[e] inspections, maintenance, and site studies? (p. 469). Obviously, the purpose of this assignment does not make a field report the most apparent format choice; however, Markel (2012) also claims that field reports can be used to ?explain [?] methods, results, and conclusions? (p. 469). It is this second definition that describes the purpose of the field report you will be composing: you will describe the method of your interview, the results you discovered from the questions you asked, and your final conclusions about writing and your future career.Please refer to the example in Markel on p. 472.? Format your field report as a formal letter addressed to me. Use the university?s address as my professional address.? In your first sentence, state when your interview took place and with whom.? In the following paragraph, explain the purpose of your interview (to discover the importance of writing in the career of ___) and why you chose the individual you interviewed. Provide a brief biography of your interview candidate?s career credentials. Conclude by explaining the steps you took to prepare for your interview, listed in bullet points.? In the following paragraph, provide the results of your interview. In bullet points, summarize the most significant responses and ideas from your interview. There is no need to quote from your interview exactly, simply paraphrase.? In the following paragraph, explain what you have learned overall from your interviewand the conclusions you have drawn about the uses of writing in your field. Compare and contrast your findings with the article, ?Writing: A Ticket to Work?Or a Ticket Out.? You must provide evidence for your claims with quotations from the reading; all quotations must be followed by APA in-text citations.? In your final paragraph, list some recommendations you would offer for other students in your field, based on what you have learned.? Polite conclusion? Reference page listing the ?Writing: A Ticket to Work? Or at Ticket Out? reading in APA formatIn order to receive a satisfactory grade, the assignment must include all of the above, consist of at least a page and a half of text, and be free from grammatical errors.!

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