A Semi-Brief History of the Visual Narrative

Humans are as diverse as they are the even in their opinion of such a There are billions of people communicating countless ideas in a multitude of languages the world yet somehow common themes and ideas transect the pages of excluding Here in the digital the surrounding environment continues to become more and more nearly keeping pace with the rapid development of communications such a the problem of how words and pictures connect is a vital And no artistic medium seems to me as properly suited to the working out of the connection as the visual narrative It is itself the meeting ground of words and From the political cartoons that united the colonies and unseated tyrants to the birth of the superhero genre and the crushing blows censorship dealt during the 50s to the underground rebirth of the industry into the literary and artistic American culture simply would not have been the same without The visual under hundreds of combines the power of written word with the added impact of image to create an entirely new aesthetic of literary Since the beginning of human there has been a tendency to communicate with images as often if not more lucky

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