A written assignment based the economics portion of the course

A written assignment based the economics portion of the coursePart1: 60 marksAssignment1 brief: you are to write a short report that identifies and discusses the main factors that underpin the supply and demand for domestic housing in the UK. In your submission, you will be expected to identify what you consider are the main stakeholders in this property market. You are expected to use a report structure for your work. A good quality report will provide references to the information sources that you have used.Your work should be submitted online. This report is due at the end of week8 of Semester 1.Part2 : 20 marks:Provide a brief discussion on the assumptions that underline basic economic theoriesPart3: 20 marks:Research and provide a brief summary of how the price for construction projects are arrived at. You should discuss the benefits and weaknesses of each method of pricing that forms part of your answer.!

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