ABA Guideline for High-P commands.

Create and upload an ABA Guideline for High-P commands. Use the same criteria for ABA Guidelines that you used for the previous document.ABA GuidelineAn ABA Guideline involves describing a behavioral technique in clear, concise, and accessible language for direct care providers (e.g., your direct care staff). Beingconcise means they are more likely to take the time to review the procedures. Being clear and accessible also means that they will review the procedures and that theywill understand how to implement the assessment or intervention method. Of course, an ABA guideline is insufficient by itself but it is an important tool for anysupervisor.What to do:? Each guideline must be typed, 1 to 2.5 pages in length (single-spaced). Use no less than 1? margins and use 12-point font. To be accessible, it must also bereadable and 12-point font is easy to read for most people.? You can bullet as much of the document as you wish, as long as it increases your goal of increasing usability and accessibility. However, documents that areall bullets are unlikely to be used so this is not a good idea.? Make sure you include a brief rationale section at the beginning of the document.? Provide examples of correct and incorrect applications (at least one correct and two incorrect). The incorrect applications should be as close to a correctapplication as possible, but should still include one variable that makes the item incorrect. Briefly explain why it is incorrect.? Include at least two supporting references from applied behavior analysis research journals.? Remember, the guidelines must be practical, technically sound, jargon-free, and easy to follow. References should use APA style but do not need to be double-spaced. See the attached example ABA Guideline for additional information.What not to do:? Avoid opinion (use facts instead) ? see the example below? Use jargon without explaining what the term means? Plagiarize (even copying someone else?s points is a form of plagiarism)? Use a non-APA style for references (use OWL online ? it?s free)? Go beyond the stated page limit or use margins/font-size that deviate from the requirements.? Skip the supporting referenceAvoid the following Statement of opinion: The statement seems like an opinion:Steps 1-5 should ideally be contrived hundreds of times per day for each targeted reinforcer. It may sound like a tremendous amount of work, however, typicallydeveloping children mand approximately 300 times per hour.The statement above of ?300 times per hour? needs to be backed up, for example, a citation of where that information came from. If you took your own data, you can usethat information and state that you took data! But be prepared to show your instructor your all of your data sheets!

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