Abolishment English in Science and Mathematics

Bahasa the national language has been the medium of instruction for about 20 however in January 2003 Malaysia the English language as a medium of instruction for science and mathematics in a move to keep abreast with scientific and technological development that is mostly recorded in the English At the same this move is envisaged to provide opportunities for students to use the English language and therefore increase their proficiency in the This change in policy is congruent to significant developments and understandings in second language acquisition that emphasize the role of understandable As a former school I totally disagree with this policy because with the changes of a medium of instruction to some students do have problems in learning The problems arise from this policy includes challenges to the teachers to promote better efficiency of difficulties experienced by student due complication of these two subjects and also problem faced by the student due to sudden change of learning this move will challenge the science and mathematics teachers to work wisely in teaching and Teachers who were resistant to the idea initially were to be trained in order to qualify for the Many of these were senior teachers who were

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