Abstract The objectives of this essay ar

Abstract The objectives of this essay are to examine whether or not Brooks original scepticism that no single new development in the next ten years would give software developers an order-of-magnitude improvement in productivity, reliability, or simplicity and future progress depends upon addressing the data are reversible. We will discuss Brooks original thoughts and we will try to give alternative solutions (if any). This essay, in general, accepts Brooks thoughts as he worked on OS/360 one of the most known, for their size, software projects. Introduction Before we discuss what Fred Brooks is arguing, we ought to refer to the differences between software engineering and programming. These two concepts are, in fact, totally different. On one hand, programming is primarily a personal activity while on the other hand software engineering is essentially a team activity. In other words, a software engineering team, which is working on a project, may consist of many programmers. On the contrary, a programmer writes a complete program while a software engineer writes a software component that will be combined with components written by other software engineers to build a system. Furthermore, the component one writes may be modified by others in the software engineering team and it may also be used by others to build different versions of the system long after one has left the project. Finally, we must say that programming is just one aspect of software development. Most of the projects, including software projects, are usually running out of time, the budget limit is much higher than it was prearranged and also the delivered product is not remarkable. For that reason, before a project is implemented its objectives, scope and deliverables should be addressed and defined. It is very important to have a clear understanding of what you are going to build and the most important thing is to build it on …

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