Academic Analysis of Why Nature and Nurture Won’t Go Away

Topic: Academic Analysis of Why Nature and Nurture Won?t Go AwayOkay, now the serious writing begins, but do not toss aside thevaluable lessons in summarizing and exemplifying you?ve recentlycompleted. You will find it impossible to perform a strong AcademicAnalysis if you do not fully and accurately understand the text you areanalyzing; for a fair number of us, recent performance indicates,writing an accurate summary remains a challenging task. As well, youcannot effectively support an Academic Analysis without clear andspecific examples. Some of us learned of late that vague and generalclaims come more quickly to our pen tips. First, read ?Why Nature andNurture Won?t Go Away? by Steven Pinker (found online; just Google byname and title). Then, taking into account thesis, audience, exigenceand support in his essay (and yours!), analyze his argument. At thispoint in the semester you are not to argue your view on the issue (ifyou even have one yet); you are only to take apart his argument and seehow it is put together. You should, however, have a view (claim) abouthow well he presents his argument (i.e. this should be an evaluativeanalysis not just a summary analysis). You?re aiming for at least 1000words. Analyze how Logos and Pathos are used in his essay. Analyzethese two parts of his essay using specific examples from his essay.There should be an intro (with a thesis statement) paragraph, bodyparagraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The conclusion should NOTsummarize the essay. Leave the readers with something to think aboutbut don?t go off on a new tangent.Your essay should read like an essay with its own thesis and support,and its own sense of audience and exigence.DO NOT CITE ANY SOURCES. NONE SHOULD BE NEEDED FOR THIS ESSAY

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