Achilles and Socrates ? Personalities

Achilles and Socrates ? PersonalitiesPolitical ScienceYou must provide textual evidence and references to answer the following questions within the space allowed.Sources: The Apology (free online), Eutyphro, andAchilles and Socrates have several traits that define their personalities. Are Socrates and Achilles? personalities and values comparable? If so, how do they compare. Do they differ from one another? How?In the work of literature the Apology, six replies were identified that Socrates offered against the first official charge in the Apology. There is still one reply that was not mentioned. Which one is it? Please identify the relevant passage and Discuss (check for the help you need) briefly what Socrates is saying. This is the last item mentioned. *Maximum: Two paragraphs.In Eutyphro, there is an important moment that Meletus could use as evidence that Socrates undermines the moral beliefs of young people. Please identify this moment and explain why it can be used as evidence of ?corruption.?Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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