Active cyber Situational awareness

Active cyber Situational awarenessWrite literature review for active Situational awareness and identify the dimension to evaluate the effectiveness of Active SA for example Does Active SA enhance timeliness, accuracy and richness of Cyber SA (think about more metrics) . The experiment would look at how each one of these dimensions in this simple example. Tadda and Salerno are good reference is useful as it provides some metrics for you to consider and it is a good start but you will have to assess and develop it further for Active SA assessment. Also, the term Dynamic Defence is used by the Americans and Active SA would be part of any Dynamic Defence approach.The latest comment I receive about my Active SA model which is enhanced from Endsly SA model was :how does this contribute to the body of knowledge ? what?s new and how are you going to confirm that?The question concerns how are you going to confirm the structure of the Active SA model. Sometimes statistical techniques like Structural Equation Modelling can be applied. You might want to look at how Mica Endsley empirically justified her SA model. There are techniques like Applied Cognitive Task Analysis too. The purpose of your methodology is to consider what might be the best approach. Your literature review should be providing you with some ideas about theory building too paper has to be analytical which requires data:

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