Undergraduate Online Tuition and FeesInternational Tuition for Kaplan University undergraduate online programs is $371.00 per quarter credit hour ($315.00 for Bachelor of Science in Nursing). Books and course materials are included in the price of tuition for all undergraduate programs. Not all courses require textbooks; some use electronic instructional materials. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the current tuition rate and/or changes to tuition rates are to be directed to Academic Advising. A change in program may not constitute a change in tuition. International students at Kaplan University will receive a 25 percent tuition reduction because they are required to pay 15 weeks tuition and fees in full prior to the start of each payment term. These reductions may not be used in conjunction with scholarships or other reductions. Books and other instructional materials are not included. Not all programs are available to all international students. Check with an International Admissions Advisor. The following tuition and fee information applies to all international students: 1. ll students are required to pay a $200.00 technology fee per term. A 2. uition and fees are subject to change after 30 days advance notice. See your T Enrollment Agreement for an explanation of the Refund Policy. 3. ayment must be made by credit card or wire transfer. P 4. Failure to return library materials to Kaplan University or any of its partner libraries will result in a financial obligation to Kaplan University and may result in postponement of registration for a new term or graduation. 5. nstructional materials must be returned unused within 14 days from the I date the student notifies the University of cancellation of enrollment. The student will be responsible for payment of any bill received for instructional materials not returned. 6. aplan University requires students to submit proof of high school or K secondary school graduation by providing a degree or transcripts prior to enrollment. Please refer

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