Adolescent Development in Juvenile Recidivism

Punishment is a word that has many different It differs from person to state to state and even country to When looking at the criminal justice system the purpose of punishment is and incapacitation Punishment involving adults is hard but when dealing with adolescents it is even more Adolescence is often thought to be a time of irrational and emotion influenced There are many who think that adolescence is just a phase that is an entity in and of its While many people can see the correlation between the actions and behaviors that happen in adolescence to the habits and life style in adulthood few people see the correlation between a early childhood and the affect that has on his or her There is no developmental phase that stands totally Each phase has a lasting consequence ramifications on the This progressive developmental phase has lasting ramifications on the and Because of this there is a need to view juvenile crime and punishment differently than adult crime and The reason for this is because some research has shown that recidivism rates among juvenile parolees are very It can range anywhere from fifty five percent to seventy five percent and There is

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