Advanced Studies in Curriculum Development

Advanced Studies in Curriculum Development The development of the new BTEC National Diploma in Music course will be specifically looking at the revision of the Studying Music from around the World Firstly the rationale and reasoning for its place as an important area within music as an educational and vocational context will be touched Music is seen as a major art form and as a result offers students the possibility of developing their creativity skills and also stretching their individual intellectual As an art form it provides a means of expression and The BTEC specification provided by Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Music For first teaching September 2007 Edexcel Limited leans towards the idea of a vocational therefore requiring the students to experience music within a working The specification for this area enables the theoretical and contextual study of music to be allowing the learners to perform and critique all aspects of the Music Over the past six months a new syllabus has replaced the old and as a result many units have been with one of them being the Studying Music from around the World Within the old syllabus there were many criteria that had to be achieved in

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