AFFORDABLE CARE ACTProject descriptionSOW 425 Social Welfare Policy and IssuesInstructions for the Legislative/Policy Event Outline and ReportTextbookSegal, Elizabeth A. (2010). Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs: A Values Perspective, 2nd Edition. Publisher: Wadsworth/Cengage. ISBN-13: 9780495604198Remember, during this course, you are the expert policy advocate in your area of interest. Each week, you will conduct a review of the literature and media outlet to collect information onpublications, legislation, and significant policy events related to your topic.Written Assignments:-Submit legislative report outline on Affordable Care Act-Submit written reports on current events, news items, or updates on relevant policy/legislative issue on the Affordable Care Act. A typewritten 5-page report due on Affordable Care Act.Perform the following tasks:1. Review Segal?s models of social welfare policy analysis onpp. 130-142. (Refer to the applications of the model).Written Assignment: Legislative/Current Event Reports on legislation Affordable Care Act.Conduct weekly research on legislation using local and national organizations, congressional hearings, and media outlets for current events, activities, and legislative updates. Source outletsare available related to legislation. Do not use Wikipedia for any sources or references used in this report or any papers submitted for any course assignments2. Consult external internet database to collect data and publications related to Affordable Care Act policy issue. Remember, you may also refer to the NASW publications to identify potentialdata sources and references.3. To organize your research each week, save your references and prepare a reference list using the appropriate APA format for each type of reference such as internet source, journal article. Forinformation on citing references (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Sixth Edition (2010) and refer to the Purdue Owl Writing Lab at Prepare an outline to record your answers to the subheadings and questions listed found in Segal, Chapter 6 under the section, Questions for a Critical Model for Social Welfare Policy, p. 136(download a copy from the CampusWeb course main page.5. At a minimum, each legislative report will address the following questions; place the specific subheadings directly in your paper to outline your content and inform the reader of the specificquestions or topics that you plan to address from the Questions for a Critical Model for Social Welfare Policy in Segal?s textbook, p. 136.Suggested subheadings for the Legislative Policy Event Report Because each piece of legislation or policy proposal presents different sources of information based on the life cycle and stage ofthe policy, you may choose headings that apply to your area, and, you may add subheadings to report your specific findings and you may indicate questions for which you re unable to locatean answer.a. SOCIAL PROBLEM: Introduction of the social problem(s) related to Affordable Care Act legislation.b. RESEARCH: Be sure to identify the specific information sources that you are reporting in your paper, e.g., news item, media event, legislative activity, congressional hearing, or existing policybriefs.c. PUBLIC REACTION: For example, how is the media covering and portraying this issue? What values and beliefs are important?d. IMPLEMENTATION OF SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS: AFFECTED POPULATIONS: Identify the populations (or groups) who are affected by Affordable Care Acte. LEGISLATIVE INTENDED IMPACT: For example, describe the intended consequences or goal of the legislation. Identify who supports the public policy? Identify who opposes the public policy?f. SUMMARY: Summarize your response to the question, ?what impact might this event have on social change or social welfare programs?? Briefly discuss any ideas or suggestions for improvingthe policy.NOTE: There are numerous online policy-related resources.You may consult a partial listing in the course bookmarks unit.7. After you have drafted an outline for your paper, prepare a typewritten 5-page first draft report, Legislative Policy Event Report. .EvaluationSubmitted written assignments will be graded based upon the organization and quality of ideas, presentation (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and APA formatting), and use of evidence andcourse content to support ideas. The content of written assignments and oral presentations must utilize key concepts and course terminology. Reference: UI&U Research Paper (rubric).Note: Any submitted paper containing content, e.g. sentences and phrases printed directly from a source or web site without proper credit using APA citation such (publisher/author, year, p. #)for all quoted (or unquoted) material will receive zero credit for the assignment. This evaluation of zero credit also applies to any submitted paper that (1) contains an entire block of quotedmaterial from a source document without any original introductory or opening phrase or sentence and a closing sentence to summarize the material in your own words and (2) a paper that iswritten either in part, or entirely, by pasting language or text printed from external sources into the subheadings of the paper.Explanation of AssignmentsWritten Assignment: Annotated Bibliography (APA format)Using the references you collected for the Affordable Care Act legislative reports, compile an Annotated Bibliography (APA style citations). The bibliography must include a minimum of five (5)references.To review the format and definition of the APA style, examples, and guidelines, consult the handout, How to Prepare An Annotated Biblography located in the course handouts unit or retrievefrom Cornell University Library at identify guidelines for citing Internet and online references,visit!

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