Africa and China

Africa and ChinaGive a ten minutes presentation PPT ASAP, since my professor asks us to do a presentation based on the research paper which I didn?t do it yet. But the presentation is due before the paper, and it?s worth more points than the paper. So I would like to have the PPT first and then have the paper later(paper only need to be 6 pages long, you can add graphs in the paper but it will not be counted,) I would like to order these two together as combination, so I pay one page extra for writers.The topic is based on what China is doing right now in Africa. Such as mining, oil, stuff like that. China?s growth is very costly because of the pollution and exhausting of its natural resources. Sadly, Chinese investors are doing similar way to Africa countries; the lack of environmental regulation is a big problem. My research question could be ?environmental problem in Africa, such as Ghana,? or ?something related with a specific country in Africa along with China.? Anyway, the topic should be very specific and re-searchable.!

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