After researching some theories about personalit

After researching some theories about personality we find that they all draw from one another. The same can be said for the theories that we have looked at recently. These include theories from Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, and Harry Sullivan. These theories have there similarities and be applied to the same thing if need be. Of these theories, all of them can be applied to me, the one that fits best is that of Alfred Adler. One of the first things that Adler talks about in his theory is the fact that the human can be viewed as a social creature. Many good examples can be found here, especially about children raised in isolation. There are many cases about children who, for some reason or another, were raised with hardly any human contact at all. Usually the child was born of wedlock and the family was embarrassed so they hid the child away form everyone. These children, when found, were socially inhibited and in extreme cases showed violence to other people. These children were then often institutionalized to see if any social skills could be recovered. Many times the child could only operate at a preschool level, many of them were at the age of 10 or older. Another one of Adlers points is the fact that humans have this feeling of being inferior. This part of his theory is one of the major points that in my opinion makes it best fit to me. The whole world is based on this principle. Why would there be inventions to make life easier or why would people go to college. They certainly do not do these things just for fun. If it were not for these feelings societies would become stagnant and would quit trying to better themselves. These feelings drive me in the game of football. I am always trying to get better, to find some way to outplay my opponent. This also drives me in the off-season. I participate in a weight program to get stronger so I can physically outmuscle my opponent. Another major aspec…

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