Against Green Religion

Project description Requirements:1. In the first paragraph of your paper, you must have a clear and concise thesis that makes an affirmative statement concerning what you will be addressing. In this paper, I will? is a perfectly suitable way to begin your thesis statement. 2. The body of your paper should be organized in a manner that clearly shows support for your thesis. 3. Your paper should contain the coherent development and the conclusion of your argument. 4. Your paper should be 3-4 double-spaced pages in length. 5. You must include at least 2 sources. 6. You must provide documentation including either in-text parenthetical citations or footnotes to document the sources you use in your paper. As long as you maintain consistency in your documentation, you are welcome to use the documentation style of your choice. In addition to in-text citations, you must include a Works Cited/Bibliography page. 7. Your paper should be well written and proofread thoroughly. Points will be deducted for consistent grammatical errors. 8. See further instructions concerning your paper topics and format under the description of Research Papers on your syllabus.:

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