AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS – Course Project Complete

Aircraft Solution Company Ali Hassan Submitted John Michalek SEC571 Principles of Information Security and Privacy Keller Graduate School of Management April 2013 Table of Contents Company Overview Company Assets Vulnerabilities Hardware Policy Vulnerability Recommended 5 Hardware Solutions Policy Solutions Budget Summary Company Overview Aircraft Solutions company located in Southern California design and fabricates component products and provide services for companies in the and aerospace The mission of AS is to provide customer success through machined products and related and to meet and schedule AS uses Business Process Management to handle BPM system is designed to connect and Security Weakness In the communication between headquarter and its two departments make the headquarter assets are I will discuss here about the vulnerabilities in software and the Assets The assets for AS are the Business Process system and the servers used to store customer data such as project computer aided design and development and intellectual Vulnerabilities Hardware vulnerability Aircraft Solution Company has a major weakness in the network architecture as we noticed within the headquarter there is insufficient number of There are two routers with only one Firewall between If this firewall went down the routers will be without any physical or technical

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