Alcohol poising an (the dorms on campus) in persons under 21

Alcohol poising an (the dorms on campus) in persons under 21Do a project about the problem we are addressing is alcohol poising an (the dorms on campus) in persons under 21. The solution is to install breathalyzers on the doors where students under 21 will be forced to blow to unlock the door. RA?s will be notified if the student has a concerning BAC(blood alcohol content).// I should do the:1- Qualification part: which I should talk about myself what I will bring to the project (I am an international student and I?ve been in the campus dorm for one year) so I will benefit the project in this way and about my experience.2- 2- Cost: the things that we put as a group to finish the project (Not time). Like how many copied we will print out for the copied and how much it cost, Binding and other stuff. (I will upload picture as an example) and all those information should be in a table (as shown in my picture example) with an introduction on the top of the table + and comments down the table. (give a reason to the professor to approve our project and ask her an approval)

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