All About Me: My Story, Likes and Dislikes

All About Me I have many different but my favorite hobby is I am on the level six competitive team at the Auburn Gymnastics I practice before and after school six different times every Sometimes it is hard to get up in the or stay late at but I know it will make me better and not One of the reasons I love gymnastics so much is because of all my and very supportive Whether doing a new skill for the first or just practicing for something done hundreds of their always there for They make practice Another one of my hobbies is piano I play in recitals and in some competitions throughout the I like to play piano because I think music is a way to express I also love to sew in my spare time because I think it is a good skill to have in Some of my interests are college football because my favorite sports team plays and I love to watch them and and gymnastics because even though not a male gymnast I still admire there strength and skill It my sound strange but I am also interested in Olympic rowing because of their precision

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