Allama Iqbal and the Concept of Muslim Nation

S CONTRIBUTION TO THE REAWAKENING OF THE MUSLIM WORLD Muhammad Aman Hob ohm Some time before his death the poet and philosopher Mohammad in whose memory this meeting is wrote the following I depart from this world everyone will was known to me But in none knows this Or what he and to whom nor whence he I have neither the good fortune of knowing Iqbal personally nor am 11 an Iqbal When I was asked by the Honorary General Pakistan Cultural to participate in this meeting and to share with you some of my thoughts on the contribution made by Mohammad Iqbal to the renaissance of the Muslim World in general and to the of Muslims of India in I mainly for the following two Firstly I feel that as a Muslim whose own understanding of Islam has been deeply influenced by Iqbal it was my duty to join you in paying homage to this great and noble soul repaying some of the debt of gratitude I owe him for enlightening me through his writings on so many aspects of Islamic teachings and for my love and respect for the Messenger be upon and his message through inspired exposition

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