Alquist-Priolo Fault Zones

Alquist-Priolo Fault ZonesProject descriptionThe high-speed rail project in California is planned to cross Alquist-Priolo Fault Zones nearGrapevine area, including Garlock (White Wolf Fault), the San Andreas Fault, and the SanGabriel Fault. Briefly research, review, and evaluate the general geological information, faultmaps, and earthquake history for the Grapevine to determine seismic hazards for the variouscomponents of the high-speed rail project. Include at least three distinct earthquakes and theirseismological characteristics, e.g., magnitude, fault mechanism, slip rate, etc. in historicalreview. Further, prepare a brief note on ground failures, if any, for each event, e.g., liquefaction,landslide, lateral spread, settlement, etc. Summarize your findings on the risk probability andimpact.the paper will be graded asCriteria Max Grade CommentsTechnical Content 4?5Organization 4Sentence Structure 4Grammar 4References 4Presentation 4Style 4Engineering Calculations 4?8Plans and Drawings 4?4Computer Applications 4?2Total 100Project reports aregraded based on the clarity, legibility, and technical content. The report should include:o Front Matters: Title page, table of contents, list of illustrations, glossary of terms andabbreviationso Abstract: Summary of objectives, implemented methodologies, and outcomeso Introduction: background information, description of the problem, methods andanalytical procedure, referenced codes and specificationso Analysis, design, and detailing: loadings, hand calculations, analysis, optimization,verification of results using the computer program code and application ofengineering software, and detailing elements, components, and connectionso Conclusion: summary of the project and individual tasks including data mining andanalysis, discussions on the results, suggestions and recommendations on repeating orexpanding each individual tasko References: list of books, articles, papers, and other references, cited properlyaccording to the Chicago Manual of Style or other accepted guidelineso Appendices: data sources, detailed calculations, computer outputs, and sketcheso Electronic Attachments: all spreadsheet, program, input, and output files, labeled andorganized properly, and submitted electronically.CriteriaTechnical Content: Balanced persentatio n of relevant information that shows a thoughtful in depth anaylisis of mani topicOrganization arranged logicalyPresentation High quality of format and presentation is demonstrated. Texts, drawings, and equations are prepared byappropriate softwareStyle: proper followed for citation pagination, crossrefrences , font matters etc. chicago manual style, ASCE guidelines!

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