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Websites become more ubiquitous. It gives universal access to a large universe of documents. Through the help of World Wide Web (WWW) and websites internet has become very useful in many ways for a common man. It brought the globe in a single room right from the news across the world to the wealth of information it offers? as noted from Kaiz Karen (2009) in her article about 10 Common Uses of Internet?.[1] These information are generated by multiple sources and organized into files when formed together can be called a website. A website also written asAlumni tracking system web site or simply site is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain. A website is hosted on at least one web server accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the Web?. [2] There are numerous sites that can be used for finding and connecting people that we have lost touch with. Reconnecting with these people in this way is perhaps the only avenue we have in some cases. Alumni are probably one of the most important constituent of a school institution. They create the university?s reputation which relies in large part on how successful graduates are in the real world. This process is self-feeding as well. If a school becomes well known for producing graduates that are intelligent innovative and effective in their fields then its reputation will grow.?[3] Colleges track their graduates because they need them to continue to show interest. Not only are college alumni a pool of potential individual donors they are also a testament to the value of a continued association with the school.?[4]Hence it is not easy to keep track students once they graduated. And with the steady increase in the number of college graduates employment opportunities become very competitive. Therefore graduates find it hard to get jobs suitable with their skills and acquired knowledge. Purpose and Description To provide a systematic method to monitor and track the level of engagement and satisfaction the alumni body has for Aces Polytechnic College. Survey will provide more than a simple percentage satisfied it will provide diagnostic information about what is driving satisfaction and engagement where there are strengths and weaknesses and what level of engagement the alumni are reporting. The data would be broken down and analyzed by segment (class year geographic location activity level etc.). On an on-going basis (biennially) this measurement tool will provide Aces Polytechnic College and the Alumni Association with a solid fact-based means of identifying where progress is being made and where deficiencies need to be addressed. Method: Online survey conducted by sending an email invitation to email addresses of Aces Polytechnic College alumni. Rather than expend resources to develop a survey tool this system will help the institution on gathering information from the alumni?s employment records that would also help the institution to acquire scholarships from the Commission of Higher Education. Identifying trends and motivators will help target programming and communications more effectively deepening the level of engagement with alumni. Sharing this data with administrators faculty and other staff across campus will help in the effort to increase awareness of and build support for alumni engagement efforts. (2013 07). Alumni Tracking System. Retrieved 072013 from Objective of the Project To enable graduate students register alumni via website. To enable graduate students share an activity and information regarding their alumni. Process/print out necessary report. This project also comes with administrator site management system. The advantages of administrator site are: 1. Easy for administrator to key-in data regarding alumni activities and information. 2. Data entered by alumni member are easily managed and intended for data analysis process. 3. Let the information spread between alumni member and the school. Scope and Limitation of the Project Online Monitoring System for the Employment Status of ACES Graduates is a website that can be access by the alumni of ACES Polytechnic College where they will be updated about the school programs and announcements with regards to the school and its alumni. The system will not just help improve the relationship of the school to its graduates but also will lessen the work of the Guidance Councilor in monitoring the employment status of its graduates which is needed to be reported to TESDA and make it more updated because of its accessibility. The process started when user browse into Alumni Registration page. When the connection is established the main menu will appear. User can make selection between these four menus; news and job registration menu member search menu and the last one was update profile menu. In the registration menu the user will start to fill their personal details like name address password contact number occupation and year of graduation and etc. Password is used to update the profile in profile update menu. If the registration is success the data (personal details) will be stored in database. If it fails user must enter the data back accordingly to ensure the registration is succeeded. To search for existing member user can choose member search menu and they must key-in at least 2 characters the result like name phone number and address will come out if the user existed in database. The other menu will let user to read recent news and job vacancy regarding their alumni. References: 1. Karen K. 2009. 10 Most Common Uses of the Internet. 2. Website ? Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 2014-08-12. 3. The Importance of Alumni Relations ? Supporting Education. Retrieved 2014-08-12.”

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