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America West Airlines America West Airlines has influenced their customers’ buyer behavior with a not so pleasant track record. The airline industry is a service that satisfies customer needs for traveling. Whether for business or leisure the airline industry is an increasingly growing business. If companies are not able to compete with their rivals in an already overly competitive market, then they will not benefit financially. The market segments that we will be discussing are the business traveler and the vacation traveler. The benefits between the markets are similar between the two segments. I will discuss some recommendations that could benefit the company. Most importantly, delivering the view of the consumer and what a consumer should expect from an airline. Determining a result depends on these components. This paper will discuss some of these problems and resolutions. The airline industry started out as a luxury item. Business travel has changed this industry to a necessity. As we become a global economy and communication between international companies is a key tool, travel has increased dramatically. The vacation traveler has always had the need for the airline industry. Satisfying the customer needs today involves competitive rates along with convenience of booking flights and benefits with those flights. America West Airlines has not able to provide a quality service lately. The business travelers need competitive rates for travel. The marketing mix for business people consists of the actual flights, pricing, where and how it is promoted, and finally its distribution. America West has low-fares marketed to meet the business and travelers’ needs. This full-service airline is a coast-to-coast route system and includes most major destinations across the US, with additional destinations in Mexico and Canada. America West utilizes its Phoenix and Las Vegas connections as gateways for travel thr…

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