American History?s treasures

Paper instructions: The Smithsonian Institute makes this statement aboutAmerican Identity ?Many of the National Museum of AmericanHistory?s treasures give insight into what it has meant tobe an American. Culturally, Americans have defined themselves inmany ways?through artistic expression, ethnictraditions, work and play, and home and communitylife. The Museum?s collections reflect the diverse rootsof American culture as well as common experiencesshared across lines of race, ethnicity, and region.? Link: Explore the website a bit. Using what you find there,and resoruces from this week, to what extent do youagree with the above claim? or? Does the Smithsonian support the concept ofDissent (found in our text) as part of the AmericanIdentity? American Identities: An Introductory Textbook, LoisP. Rudnick (Editor), Judith E. Smith (Editor), RachelLee Rubin (Editor) .Wiley-Blackwell (2005). ?ISBN-10: 0631234322 Dissent in America, Concise Edition, Ralph Young,Prentice Hall, Concise edition (2008) ? ISBN-10:0205625894

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