American Movies Spoiling Younger Generations

This research is about American Movies spoiling our younger am about to take some of the American movies which come in the name of Teen movies and High School or College major genres such as these movies come under Comedy and Romance Comedy movies involves more reference to Sex along with crood and vulgar movies containing adult jokes is not something to bother and they are provided with or A certificate for But these teen comedies are fully packed with adult contents In this Research I am taking some of these teen comedies and going to analyze what kind of damage they do to our youths in terms of giving unwanted Ideas which in turn reflects in Spoiling of our Culture History Of Teen The teen movie came of age in 50s not long after the concept of the teenager was The idea of an intermediate stage between childhood and with its own peculiar was still new when Marlon Brando donned his biker jacket in The Wild One Changing social attitudes and a booming postwar economy fed into the emergence of parents who had weathered the Depression and the war wanted their children to have full uninterrupted by work or

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