An Analysis Of A Book On Ethics By Michael J

Onyeukwu James Jones CPSC 2910 001 30 March 2014 Ethics Book Report The text that is the basis for this class and report is for the Information by Michael The book covers a variety of including but not limited to Networked Intellectual Informational and Professional Quinn discusses various pros and cons associated with each topic along with laws and ideas that either helped advance them in society or bring them to an The topic I have chosen to go further in depth with is the issue of Privacy and the Quinn resorts to using Daniel taxonomy of privacy idea to help organize his argument as to whether or not the government oversteps its bounds when it comes to Solove groups these privacy activities into four information information information and Information collection refers to any activity that gathers personal information while information processing refers to activities that and use information that has been Information dissemination has to do with activities that help spread personal information and invasion is any activity that interrupts a daily life or messes with their Using these one can break down and analyze the different aspects in which government abuses their power to disregard In case it

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