An analysis of the influence of technology on contemporary interior architecture Essay Help

The analysis of the articles is based on the influence of technology on interior architecture education and of employer?s expectations in the interior design industry. This also addresses the issues faced by interior designers in today?s world and how technology is hindering/fostering their creativity. Talking about the article on Technology Changing the Face of the Modern Fit out? it addresses a strong point of how the interior design industry was never considered as a crucial part of the industry and was dealt with a stereotype attitude that interior designers dealt only withthe part of decorating? the spaceAn analysis of the influence of technology on contemporary interior architecture until technology gained importance. Technology has now given a 180-degree turn to the industry because of which the industry has finally started gaining the deserved recognition. The underlying point in the article is technology hindering or fostering the creativity in interior design? although is on similar lines like the above mentioned article about the positive aspects of technology it also talks about the pitfall side of technology on the industry. Their argument is supported with an example cited of a professor from a state university of how although he accepts that the technology has given the students the most innovative platform to communicate their design ideas somewhere down the lane the students who are the prospective interior designers are lacking the basic creative skills and hand drafting techniques. Interior Designers? Perceptions of the Influence of Technology on Workplace Performance? article gives us a different perspective of the influence of technology and how it caters to the interior designers. The statement is supported by examples cited by employees from the industry who have been interviewed of how 2D and 3D software have enabled the designers to get their work done in reduced time in comparison to how it was in the past. It also talks about what the expectations of the employers from new hires are which includes being efficient in 2D and 3D software which will enable them to be proficient in expressing their design ideas. The other side of the coin is that it is hindering the employers in certain ways. This point is well supported by examples they cite of how in case if the computer crashes the students are unable to come up with a hand made drawing ready for a meeting. The over dependence on the computer has led to this state where the new graduates are finding it tough to inculcate sketching and hand drafting although their competent computer skills enable them to complete a design project in no time. The articles that we have looked at firmly state that the influence of technology has its pros and cons. The use of technology has catered to designers in various ways in terms of the time factor design output etc. But the basic thing we have to understand is every opportunity has both sides. So technology is definitely fostering the designers but having said that it is better that we don?t become over dependent on it that it hinders our creative and innovative skills of designing.”

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