An Analysis of the Novel Candide by Voltaire

An Analysis of the Novel Candide by Voltaire The novel Candide by Voltaire is a great piece of satire that makes fun of the way people in medievil times The book is about a and his Throughout the book Candide has countless things go wrong in order to show that this is not best of all possible Voltaire is trying to make a point through the exaggeration of the inhumanities of man in a humorous The story begins in a castle in Candide is convinced by Cunegonde to take a lesson in The two are caught and Candide is kicked out of the While Candide is suffering from hunger and cold he is met by two men who trick him into service in the Bulgarian Candide has a terrible time in the he tries to and he is punished During the confusion of war Candide manages to Time passes and Candide meets some other interesting individuals and has one bad experience after the One day Candide meets a woman who takes care of him and this is none other than They amuse each other with stories of misfortune and travel around the At every place Candide goes something unthinkable seems

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