Analysis and Evaluation of a Primary Hospital

INSTITUTIONAL IMMACULATE CONCEPTION HEALTH CENTER Operated by Kaayong Lawas A Primary Hospital located at Bandung Barangay Victorias City about 34 kilometers to the North of Bacolod the capital of the Province of Negros It is a 24 Bed Capacity composed of Male Medical Ward with 6 Female Medical Ward with 5 Pedia Ward with 6 6 Private 1 Labor Delivery OPD and Emergency The Hospital is a licensed Primary Hospital with a Licensed Secondary This is run by a a organization composed of the Board of Their target clientele is the neighboring towns of EB Magalona and Manapla and they are more concentrated to provide services in the city Victorias The ICHC provides Integrated Medical Services Program comprising the following service as in house service catering to the needs of patients admitted for treatment and Emergency services that provide first aid treatment and medical attention to emergency calling for immediate medical and surgical In cooperation with the City of ambulance service is made available when called At the community Mobile Health Clinic which delivers basic health services to residents in remote sugarcane plantations and barangays is also Another important component of ICHC medical services is Referrals of high risk and

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