Analysis of identities

Analysis of identitiesProject description The paper should be about going to a certain school and observing 2 sessions. The nature of the school should be in Lebanon. The grade level is grade 7. Basically if you can check any grade 7 book, you need to:Check the themes in the books, topics that they use, and discuss how the the class are applying it, if there are any cultural awareness. Please try not to make it too american based.. The book has to be american preferrably Mcgraw-McmillanThe students should be profiled so I need to know if you can make it up or something .. For the majority they are Lebanese of course. Look at their identities. Look at themes in class. Is the instructor aware of these things?The paper should be linked to socio cultural theories. Preferred source: Language , culture, and teaching Critical per. 2nded Sonia Nieto, 2010 By Taylor Francisand one more source if possible. :

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