Analysis of Turkey 1999 Political Stability:

Analysis of Turkey 1999 Political Stability: (4)***(3) Probably the most unpredictable facet of Turkey at this time. It remains to be seen if the instability will level out and stabilize. A recent election has brought a new president to power Suleyman Demirel. Consequently, the next few months are likely to prove beneficial for political critics in Ankara as well as elsewhere but perhaps less so for those who have been waiting patiently for a strong and decisive government to tackle Turkey’s many pending problems. The country of Turkey has a population where more than One-Half of the people are under the age of 35, the consensus is too bring a leader with new ideals and sense of urgency. Public Policy: (2)***(2) Turkey will continue to be conscience of how they are perceived by NATO and the EU. Turkey has gone through a series of events to make foreign direct investment more opportunistic. Since the 1980s policy makers have looked to the Middle East for regional integration. It seems that Turkey wants to become more active in the international market and that the hindrances to do so are more on the external side of the equation. Turkey has entered NATO, which was a big help; they are trying to enter the European Union. That will be decided in the next few months. Many European countries frown upon the soaring inflation rates and high unemployment. Direct foreign investment averaged only US $70 million from 1980 to 1985, as foreign investors hesitated to put money into the country. Turkey had received debt relief during the early 1980s, but after 1984 most long-term capital came in the form of project credits or adjustment loans arranged by the World Bank. Views of Political leaders on Foreign Direct investment: ( Since 1963, Turkey has been pursuing the aim of developing its relations with the European Union, then the “European Economic Community. Prime Minister Turgut Ozal was working ha…

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