Analysis Paper Assignment: Interpersonal Communication

Analysis Paper Assignment: Interpersonal CommunicationThe following are only guidelines. If you select one of them, please DO NOT write answers to the questions in each option. Instead, use the questions to focus your thoughts as you write your paper.? Drawing on your own work (or volunteer) experience, describe how communication affected how much you liked or didn?t like a particular job.1. How many people worked with you? Describe their (and your) roles. What opportunities did you have to interact with your co-workers?2. How much interaction did you have with your supervisor(s)? How did you and your co-workers (e.g., friendly, bossy, uptight, slack, etc.) view your supervisor(s)? Why did you have that view?3. Describe a typical day on the job. What role did communication play in your activities? Could you imagine working at the place you?ve described for the next ten years (assuming they?d pay you a good salary)? Why or why not?The Paper? Must be in a clear font (Times New Roman 12 pitch is great), double-spaced, and 4-5 pages in length (1200-1500 words). Hand-written projects will NOT be accepted. Papers less than 3 pages (-750 words) will NOT be accepted, although you may go over the limit if required. Providing notes or song lyrics is extra (doesn?t count in length)? DO NOT copy another student?s work. DO NOT cut and paste from internet sites or articles?you must give credit to any source you use.!

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