Ancient Chinese ContributionsStrayer

The ancient Chinese have been given credit for many of the inventions that we use today. Let it also be known that China is a powerful source of useful and exciting inventions to include porcelain, gunpowder, paper, and horse harnesses. The Chinese came up with the concept of row planting sometime in the sixth century BC. It was believed that row planting would allow for the crops to grow stronger and faster and maximizing more efficient planting, irrigation, field maintenance, and culling of the crops. This idea wasnt introduced to the western hemisphere for another two thousand two hundred years. Steven H. (April 18, 2009), 10 Great Chinese Ancient Inventions, Retrieved from http;// Developed in the fourth century the Chinese invented the lodestone compass to determine direction. Pointing in a southward position and used mainly on land the lodestone compass was used mostly for direct

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