Ancient Egypt To summarize the section on an

Ancient Egypt To summarize the section on ancient Egypt, is to realize the extent of the faith all Egyptians held in religion and belief of their after life. Just looking at the great lengths the Egyptians went to in keeping the bodies safe for all eternity. From their burial sites and pyramids, to the 70 days it takes to prepare the body for proper burial. The Egyptians held so much sacred and believed so much in the ascension into afterlife, that to me it seemed that death was not to be feared by the Egyptians as long as their heart was pure. Although in the western world we probably think this is a bit extreme, but most people I think believe or want to believe in an afterlife, and, immortality is something all men have craved, especially after their youth has left them. The Book of the Dead I thought was fascinating, how it paralleled the beliefs of the western societys afterlife when we sit in judgment of god. I perceived the weighing of the heart in the presence of Thoth the judge of cycles, that if the heart is found pure and of no fault then the monster Amemet would not prevail against him. Come our judgment day in most western beliefs, we are either allowed into heaven or cast down to hell. It was easy to understand most of the Egyptians thinking in the inscriptions that were left, because of the similarities of most of the religions. Another marvel of Egypt was the temples and statues, the size and quantity of them. With the limited tools of the time and the precision of the building of the pyramids, its hard not to think of the spirit and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians to accomplish these feats, you almost have to think there was something mystical or magical about these people. I believe it was the second film we watched, that the narrator said there was nothing written that the people were slaves or worked as slaves, they built for their king of their own will. A job that must have taken years to d…

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