Animal Abuse – the Cleanliness of a Pet Store

The cleanliness of a pet store has several effects on the animals in their Stress and potential for disease transmission is inherent in the transport and holding of animals in a retail are shipped to retailers in small plastic boxes with many other animals of the same species with limited air to Once at pet enclosures are cleaned every other week to save on substrate and are refreshed ahandful of clean every other Bacteria and diseases flourish in these conditions leading to many sick in pet stores are often subjected to The animals are at the mercy of the pet store employees to receive food and water each Employees cutting corners to save lead to insufficient care resulting in and Individuals who purchase animals in pet stores often do so out of impulse without fully understanding the commitment required to provide care for the As a result of irresponsible human each year thousands of animals are surrendered to local shelters andrescues only to be destroyed due to lack of and adoptive enclosures for animals in pet stores are crowed and To save room and display maximum variety of animals available for animals housing needs are Pet stores keep their animals

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