Animal cruelty has been prevalent since ancient

Animal cruelty has been prevalent since ancient Roman times. They would bring wild animals from throughout their far-reaching empire and put them in an area where they would fight to death, to the great amusement of huge crowds of Roman citizens. A popular belief of the time was farm animals should be treated with the same consideration as farm tools. (Owen 1993) Unfortunately, it appears that many researchers share that belief. Approximately 17 to 22 million animals are used for experimentation each year in the US alone. Of this massive number 90 percent were rodents, 173,000 rabbits, 75,000 dogs, 20,000 cats, and 25,000 primates. (Day 1994) While in laboratories, animals can be put through numerous horrendous tests. Some of the most common things done to their alive or dead bodies are: injections, inserts, or infusions of drugs, poisons, or chemicals, deprivation of sleep, food, and water, electroshock, vivisecting brains and severing spinal cords, smashing their heads with large blunt objects, firing bullets, implanting electrodes, blinding, deafening, or silencing, overheating, or freezing, asphyxiating, bleeding, and maiming the animals. (Owen 1993) Animal can feel just as much pain as any human can, so why are they being put through horrible procedures for something that doesnt even benefit their species? There are three main reasons for animal testing, educational purposes, advancement of medicine and science, and people have the power to test on animals, so they do. In my paper I will discredit and prove all of these theories wrong, in order to prove my point. Animal testing IS morally, ethically, and scientifically wrong. Some people also think that it is their right to dominate animals. Even if humans are on top of the food chain, this does not give permission to treat the beings below humans, in any manner we feel like. Although, those in power are in a position to force their will on others, and eve…

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