Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was a good role model. She was a caring person who thought of others before herself. She always strove to improve the lives of people all over the world. She was a great reformer and humanitarian. Mrs. Roosevelt was a representative for reforms for the poor, blacks, Indians, and the women of youth in the United States. After her husband (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) came down with poliomyelitis (polio), she became his eyes and ears. Eleanor rose to power by being a great person to all people. Harry Truman appointed Eleanor to the United Nations. She was active in supporting relief work in Europe after World War II. She started projects to employ writers, artists, musicians, and actors insisting that womens wages should be equal to mens wages. She then supported Arthurdale, which was an experimental homestead community for extremely poor mining families. During World War II, Mrs. Roosevelt flew thousands of miles visiting troops overseas to fight racial prejudice in the war industries. She helped persuade her husband to establish the Fair Employment Practices Committee in 1941. Eleanor was involved in several other activities: she was active in the Red Cross relief work in Washington; she was chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and helped formulate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after her husbands death; she investigated social conditions and discussed world peace problems when she toured India, Pakistan, the Middle East and the Soviet Union. Her constant work to improve their lot made her one of the most loved – and for some years one of the most reviled – women of her generation. (3) Eleanor was concerned about improving health and education on Indian reservations and fought to preserve the Indian culture. She made herself a strong voice on behalf of numerous social causes, including youth employment and civil rights for blacks and women. This …

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